Thank You!!!

Before I go on, I want to take the opportunity to thank all the wonderful people in my life. All of them. If I know you and you’re a positive person in my life, thank you!! Even if you’re not so positive, thank you for making me know that it’s the positive energy I want from life.

Additionally, I want to shout out to certain individuals that are personally responsible for helping Acedia and I get to where we are right now. In fact, without many of them, Acedia would likely be an abandoned derelict boat somewhere in New England.

Mom and Dad-Have given up thinking my ideas are crazy and let me go with them (I think they realized a long time ago I was going to do what I want anyway). And bonus—they were there for just about any boat project (they soon realized 10 years ago they liked the marina parties and community, too).

My sister and brother and family- For always being there and supporting my adventures!

Will and Lisa-Well, they got me into this! And they encourage me to live life to the fullest I can imagine.

Grandma- She encouraged me to go everywhere and do everything. She just said not to get old.

Mark S and JP- My first Captain friends who I sailed with on St. Croix

Tim P- My first boat neighbor/friend. He taught me how to sail!

Kevin L- For the inspiration and encouragement to get out and sail….away. Kevin has taken every opportunity to drop hints of inspiration to me to just get up and go someday.

Mike and Kirsten- My bestest boat neighbor friend and his new wife. They co-conspired this plan to sail away in 2015. Kirsten never let me give up!

John K- Oh, one of the greatest boat friends!! Batteries, windlasses, my engine(s)…John Keane has helped keep Acedia together and running! He rebuilt the little engine that could when it was down a rod.

Jon G- Shore support, dreamer, doer, and well, I have his rod in my engine!

Francis- The Sparkle Pony is such a great mooring neighbor! Francis is a source of encouragement, is a supporter, is full of great knowledge, and lent me his sat phone.

Gina B- Supporter and encourager! Her Sea Stories helped me out there on that big bad ocean.

Joe M- Took on most of Acedia’s electrical issues, most of many of her electrical issues along with many needed upgrades and installs.

Michael T- Eastie land base and shore support! Laundry, freezer, shower, parking, bourbon, and beer!

Dave N- Started the much needed sorting out of electrical issues. That solar hot water install was fun! (no, it really wasn’t)

Susan B- Cheerleader, friend, and was there with extra anchor rodes and transport the final days in New England without a car

Nicola- Always such a great friend and just understood.

Tony M- Didn’t believe I could do it, I’m sure, but was my original ocean consultant and taught me how to dock.

Paul Dennis- knows everything about my Freedom, how it was designed and built, he diagnosed issues, upgraded, and solidified weak points found.

Michael Keyworth, Pat, Frank, and the crew at Brewer’s Cove Haven- did a fine job taking care of Acedia and me with all the found big issues I couldn’t leave without having conquered!

Donna Lange- Well, she’s just sailing around the world solo, Again!

Dave C- projects, projects, projects. Dave consulted, discussed, dinghied over tools, support, help, and advice from across Boston Harbor… He was determined to make sure Acedia was ready.

Amhet- Always informed me that it was south that my heading should be!

Lance R- Greatest Freedom friend! Lance was always a big supporter, encourager, and was responsible for magically appearing parts and ultimately Acedia setting off on this adventure!!

Bob D- Well, actually we wouldn’t have set out when we did if it weren’t for you! And, I love appreciate yours and Lance’s enthusiasm for have wanting to be out on the ocean.

Dustin R- Great friend and supporter! I think I even have to thank CC because if she didn’t make what was a great job be so miserable, maybe I wouldn’t have needed something better, wayyyy better so desperately!

Steve M- How many hours or days did we sit in your office and talk about the plan, status updates, and you listened to how I am determined that we are doomed?!

Rosa- My land support in Maine and great sailor friend!

Naz, Jenny, and Jessie- For being good friends to me and encouraging adventures!

Anthony, Brian A, Bryan T, Ed, Mark K, Greg, Nico, Amy, Rick, David and everyone else who stopped by at one point or another to lend a hand for one project or another or offer encouragement!

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