Eco Sailor Girl

“The Planet doesn’t need more ‘successful people’. The planet needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.”

Anyone who knows me, knows my two passions in life are taking care of our precious environment and sailing.  These passions go hand in hand as I as a lover of adventure and being outdoors.  Uniquely, I 1) understand the full impacts of daily life decisions we make on this earth, 2) I am out there seeing the tragic effects, and 3) I tend to be convincing; I am an influencer.

My daily life and sailing adventures are full of contemplation and observations of human impacts on the earth’s systems.  Daily I see how society is full of waste and lack of consciousness all while I am filled with hope seeing organizations and gifted individuals that have set out to make changes.  If I can shed light on the hope that I see in these entities and bring about awareness and thoughtfulness to our daily decisions, I will consider myself successful with my Eco Blogs,  with an emphasis on sustainability in sailing and my experiences amongst my exploration and adventures.

In addition, since joining Instagram, I have found a Meme Page that I enjoy and thoroughly relate to; Zero Waste Memes.  My daily life seems to be displayed in one meme or another, if not every meme. I seem to have a good story for each so in partnering with them, I use their memes to create relevant written content substantiating the memes; please visit my Eco Blog to read my antidotes.  I hope to entertain and encourage you to understand the importance in each one of us taking simple actions in our daily lives to reduce our impact and help support healthy ecosystems critical to supporting us.