WASZP Ambassador

Please see Melissa’s Waszp Blog for her story getting into sailing foiling dinghies.

What is it like to learn to sail a Waszp?  Well, with little to no previous experience, it looks a lot like this.  With or without previous dinghy experience it can go this way, or if you’re really talented, got good balance, and pick up the concept quickly, it can go at least mildly better 😉



Caribbean Islands

14639676_705422432967628_8793911927087677864_nIn Fall 2016, Melissa scored her first Moth ride on the Waszp Demo boats brought to Foiling Week 2016 in Newport, RI.  Unreasonably determined, she acquired a Waszp, tied it to the deck of Acedia, headed to Bermuda to visit her Moth friends and then continued on to Antigua to learn to sail this crazy fun foiling boat!

She is currently based in Antigua, however, is striving to grow the Waszp Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.14.03 PMfleet in the Caribbean as a Waszp and Magenta Project Ambassador.  Melissa aspires to inspire women to push their limits and pursue their dreams.

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See an overview of the boat here,


To chat about the Waszp- contact Melissa


visit the Waszp website for all the details and to order one today!

A great article from the Wall Street Journal on flying boats:

Beginners Guide to Foiling Boats




1st Inaugural International Waszp Games- Lake Garda, Italy 2017










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